My Mission
Supporting organizations to reach their full potential based on feedback, trust and technology.
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Sven Latzel, Agile Coach, Facilitator and System Architect

Sven Latzel

Agile Coach, Facilitator and System Architect

My Mission is

to connect people by coaching deep bonding & trust, facilitating agreements based on a common purpose as well as designing and implementing highly efficient digital infrastructures.

With a strong background in IT and Project Management, I discovered 2015 my passion to work with teams and organizations to unleash their full potential. Since then I’m studying and collecting methodologies and tools to enrich my toolbox.

From 2017 on I’m now engaged in different agile team coachings and organizational change management assignments.

I’m driven by helping teams and organizations to bond deeply, develop trust and a common understanding as basis to move forward to a thriving culture of constant learning and development.

Born 1980 in the small town Münchberg in the north of Franconia, I was raised in Erlangen a bit down south and finally moved to Nuremberg in the early twenties.

My professional career started as a management assistant in a 2 man company called electronic media. There I started to explore web development and IT systems. Enthusiastic about the possibilities the web offers I moved on to become a professional designer and web developer.

After a short time as a freelancer I started at julitec as the lead developer for a content management system (CMS). A customer relationships management system (CRM) was another product of julitec and so it came that I got in touch with business applications. First I started with supporting it, then by time I got into training and finally into consulting and project management.

A Microsoft CRM partner in Nuremberg spotted me and made me an irresistible offer to work as a full-time consultant. Several years I helped small, medium and big enterprises to understand their needs, translate them into technical requirements and coordinate the development, rollout and training of the new applications and features.

With the wish to become an internal consultant to be able to have the possibility to shape the IT infrastructure of a company for a long term, I started as Head of Enterprise Applications at HOTEL DE an ecommerce company. I optimized the existing business applications, managed a team with developers and admins and began to work with agile methods like Scrum and Kanban.

2015 I finally followed a call from my early twenties to go a long-term trip around the world. Together with my wife I travelled for 19 months through Asia, Australia and New Zealand. During this journey I found a new call.

At a 10 days long community building experience in India, I witnessed how a set of different bonding formats and tools can connect strangers so deeply that they behave like a family afterwards. I observed how this trust unleashed the potential of the group and making self-management possible. I knew from then on, that this will be his new area of my work.

Since then I’m studying all schools, tools, methodologies I can get my hands on. I’m assembling my own toolbox and started first to use them with NGOs and in projects he had been part of.

From 2017 on I’m now an independent freelancer with a lot of different roles in different projects. From being an Agile Coach, a System Architect, a Project Manager and still sometimes a Web Developer for my own projects.

I’m driven by helping teams and organizations to bond deeply, develop trust and a common understanding as basis to move forward to a thriving culture of constant learning and development.

Current Involvements

Working as an agile coach and facilitator to help transform workstreams to be more independent, self-organized and efficient.

Co-creating a new corporate culture together with the whole company in a systemic approach.

  • facilitating company wide workshops
  • coaching and consulting the management

Supporting the transformation of the company as a team coach.

  • supporting purpose development
  • facilitating systemic team evolvement
  • introducing new virtual team work methods

A group of local coaches working together to make the workplace more vital and living.

Requirements engineer and product owner in a customer project

  • introduced scrum like rituals and facilitated them
  • engineered a series of new features for a CRM system
  • coordinated different projects with external partners

System architect, agile project manager and facilitator

  • established a virtual work force to foster knowledge from the business departments
  • co-developed a new system architecture and processes for the internal billing
  • optimized internal processes based on Microsoft CRM

Past Involvements

Member responsible for IT and governance

  • introduced and trained Sociocracy 3.0
  • authored a team handbook
  • facilitated different workshops and events
  • tested and implemented collaboration tools

Supporting of a project to reinvent the future service management as an agile coach.

  • introduced scrum like agile rituals
  • facilitated several workshops to deepen common understanding and trust
  • authored a team handbook
  • implemented different collaboration processes

Product owner and coach for self-management

  • helped to introduce REEZA, a Holacracy based organization framework
  • engineered requirements and maintained a backlog for a distributed decision policy making system

Head of Enterprise Applications

  • established a team to develop and maintain internal business applications
  • introduced Scrium like rituals and processes
  • formed an internal network of expert users for direct feedback
  • initiated cornerstone projects for the internal enterprise architecture
  • trained hundreds of internal users onsite and virtual

Project Manager for a customer loyalty program based on Microsoft CRM

  • engineered the requirements
  • maintained the backlog of features
  • coordinated the internal and external development
  • facilitated workshops and trainings at the customer

Microsoft CRM Consultant and Teamlead

  • improved various internal processes for different customers
  • set internal standard for project management and quality gateways
  • customized business applications
  • trained various end and expert users

Teamlead Support, Project manager and trainer

  • introduced internal support processes and a SLA model
  • managed several customer projects
  • customized own CRM product
  • trained several end and expert users


Skill Years of practice
Project management 18
Leadership 3
Training 18
Facilitation 8
Skill Years of practice
Organizational Development 4
Process Consulting 13
Digitalization 23
Web Development 23
Customizing Business Applications 16
GermanMother tongue
EnglishC1 – competent communication
SpanishA1 – beginner

Professional Education

Art of Hosting

Training provided by: Rainer v. Leoprechting

Dragon Dreaming

Training provided by: Urike Reimann (Emotionskultur)

ORSC - Organizational And Relationships System Coaching

Training provided by: Shouten Global
Certificate: ORS@Work

Social Permaculture

Training provided by: Rakesh Rootsman Rak (Roots N’ Permaculture)
Certificate: Permaculture Design Certificate

Sociocracy 3.0

Training provided by: THRIVE IN COLLABORATION
Certificate: ICTP



I’m standing os the shoulders of giants. A special thank you to the following thought leaders, friends and family who are inspiring my work:

  • My wife for all the love, support and knowledge
  • Rakesh Rootsman Rak, for nudging me into the art of creating trust and bonding + perma culture
  • James Priest and Bernhard Bockelbrink for curating Sociocracy 3.0
  • John Croft for the principles behind dragon dreaming
  • Rainer von Leoprechting for teaching me the Art of Hosting


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